I Quit My Job!

One morning, long before the sun came up, I was standing on the edge of my porch having a word with God. (yeah! I laughed at that statement too.) However, He remained silent. I watched the sun rise over the water as I listened to a flock of geese fly over the lake honking each other on. I could hear the sound of the train whistle off in the distance and softly the Holy Spirit reminded me, “He who calls you is faithful; He will surely do it.” (1 Thess 5:24 ESV). That very moment was a turning point for me as He once again confirmed His promises to my childish heart.

For seven years, most of my energy was devoted to the demands of a job that I had come to love. My employer was such a great person and she was easy to work with most of the time. She gave me a great deal of flexibility for ministry and family. I guess it helped that she was my sister! Since my sister was my boss, that made it even more difficult for me to leave my land of familiar and launch out into deep waters. You see, the Lord had instructed me to leave the job that I had become very comfortable with, but I was using it as a front to hide from the ministry He had called me to. There it is, I said it! I was in hiding.

The Lord began to draw me back to something very dear to my heart: in depth Bible study and teaching His Word. No problem, I would do what I’ve always done, plan and facilitate Bible Studies for women. However, as each session came to a close, I realized I was simply not fulfilled; something seemed out of sorts. I began spending time in prayer which brought me to the same conclusion time and time again. I had to own up to the truth that it was time for me to leave my job! What? Leave my comfort zone? Leave the little office that had become my fortress? Yes! It only took me six months to get up the courage to leave, but I knew I had to go. Don’t send me emails about how crazy I must be to leave a job in this economy - I am crazy! I’m crazy about being obedient to the leading hand of the Lord.

Let me be completely honest here, during this period of time I was vacillating between faith and fear so intensely that I did not know if I was coming or going! Most days I lived in confidence that God alone is our provider, but there were other days I hid under my covers, completely consumed with fear, fear of the unknown. Yet He had made me promises all through His Word and I simply had to move out of unbelief to trust Him in this transition.

Lets get this straight: fear will rob us of our ability to think clearly and it will cause us to question the very presence of God in our lives. If ignored, fear will consume us. Recall what you know is truth during your time of uncertainty, “He who calls you is faithful; He will surely do it”.

As I stood there on that porch hearing the tender voice of God, something changed inside of me, it was my willingness to obey and trust His faithfulness.

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