Happy Birthday Hartlea!

Happy Birthday Hartlea! Today is our daughter’s 19th birthday!

Our beautiful angel, Hartlea Hope Love, came into this world on January 20, 1995, bossing the OR staff around! The docs exact words to her grand entrance was, “she is mooning us!” No kidding! She was ushered into this world providing entertainment to the surgical team and thus her journey began…

Her sweet round face, chubby cheeks, and tiny little fingers were simply perfect! She loved her sleep then and she loves her sleep now. Do I need to mention the pink blankie? I would have included a picture but I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere.

Standing on her tip toes she might be 5’1”, she may be tiny but she is a fireball. She can walk into a room, make a plan and execute it before you know what happened. She doesn’t mind calling it like she sees it, I can't imagine who she gets that from. Clearly she welcomes a challenge. Hartlea brings so much joy and laughter to our family with her sense of humor and sassy attitude. She has become my right hand woman, best friend and my corrections officer. LOL

Where does time go? Yesterday she was my baby today she is a psychology major at Liberty University. We could not be more proud of the person she is becoming.

Happy Birthday sweet angel! May this year be the best one yet. You are an amazing young woman with so much to offer. We can hardly wait to see all that God has for you. We will love you forever!

Dad & Mommy

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