Mountain Moments..

“I, Rhonda Love, trust You. I trust YOU”.

It was an extremely cold morning in the mountains of NC. The fire was roaring in the fireplace and the morning was breaking over the ridge. I couldn't imagine beginning this day any other way!

Let's rewind the clock to 6:15am. I was awakened to the sound of water running in the upstairs bathroom, which should not have been happening. It was only a matter of minutes until the water source made itself known, down through the ceiling fan and onto our bed. Lord have mercy I knew exactly what was happening here: a broken water pipe somewhere in the upstairs wall.

The scene went something like this: I'm running to the kitchen grabbing pots and pans to catch the water; running back to the bedroom only to find the water now running down the interior and exterior wall of the bedroom. Everything is quickly becoming saturated, obviously the pots and pans were not going to catch this amount of water. Towels were flyin’ everywhere while I'm yelling at the husband to turn off the water main. He’s jumping in his boots and britches while running outside to turn the water off. Let me remind you it's like 9 degrees outside at the time. Burrr! With the kids help we managed to stop the water, dismantle and clean up the room in a matter of like 50 minutes. Thank God the room is a small one!

Everything is seemingly back to "normal" here at the cabin. Fire crackling and kids are snoozing by the fireplace. Quiet time? yes please! However there remains this one little situation: a broken pipe in the wall! Without giving attention and repairing the pipe, we will not have water in the cabin. No water, no potty. No potty, big problem! The repairs would require a trip to town for the husband to purchase pipe, insulation, fittings and the most important item, coffee!

In and out of the crawl space, conference calls from under the house, water turned on, water turned off. At least we have running water on the main floor!

Spiritual application about to happen right here: We all have broken places in our lives but without giving them the proper attention, prayer and care something is gonna break loose. When that happens it's a nasty mess. What are we to do to prevent this? While the cabin needed additional insulation and a constant heat source, our spiritual lives aren’t so different. We need to give specific attention so that the Water of the Word continues to flow freely in our lives.

1-Keep the fire burning: stay in the Word and you will remain “fired up”. Adversity will invade your life, without the Word we will become cold, negative and mad at everyone including God.

2-Make necessary repairs: when we begin to feel distant or alone we must use the tools we have and stay close to fire. Tools include the Word and prayer, small groups, accountability partners and or faithful friends who will speak truth. It's important to note that we must set aside time to make the necessary repairs or we will get side tracked. This is an intentional act of worship.

3-Trust Him for the outcome: Proverbs 3:5-6. Yes, even when we have done everything we know to do and things seem to be getting worse, choose to trust Him. Practicing steps 1-2 will inevitably produce step 3.

Resolve to trust Him.

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