Marriage 101 part 1

In honor of February, I’ll be blogging about the joys and challenges of relationships and marriage.

Somedays I wonder where the past 26 years have gone. Other days I shake my head and think, “we’ve been married forever”.

We dated for two years before getting married. Most of our courtship was long distance because I traveled with my sisters in ministry. Dating is such an important part of a relationship because it is where the foundation for a lifetime is established. We caution young couples planning their wedding to be careful; don’t be so caught up in the wedding plans that you forget to work on the relationship. We intentionally talked about our future together and hammered through some of our background differences. Even with all of the marriage preparation, we were three years into our marriage before I realized that he was secretly turning the toilet paper roll! In his opinion it has to go over and I really do not care as long as the toilet paper is there when needed. Obviously we are opposites! God has a huge sense of humor.

Let’s go back to the beginning to help determine how we’ve managed daily marriage success combining personal hurdles with ministry obstacles.

1-Jesus first. The first decision we made before our marriage is to keep Christ the center of our focus individually. It is paramount! Without this priority in place, we wouldn’t have known how to truly love each other. Jesus Christ is the greatest example of love so we just knew that was where we needed to begin.

Matthew 6:33 “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

2- Pray together. By accident, we decided that praying for each other is probably a great thing for us to do as a married couple. Prior to marriage, we prayed for each other but the big challenge came after marriage when it was time for us to begin to pray as a couple! We discovered that this is the most vulnerable and intimate act of worship a couple can experience. It’s interesting while I was feeling insecure about praying aloud with him, he was feeling as equally insecure. We have continued to make prayer time together a priority which is one of the greatest moments we get to share. This morning we sat at a small table in our living room, held hands and prayed over one another. Talk about being empowered!

Watch for my next blog, Marriage 101, part 2.

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