No Words...

I have no words! None! Suddenly I need to become quiet but it’s a good thing.

Rather than speak the words “I love you”, I’ve decided to let my actions speak for me so I made the choice to show love. We can say “I love you” but it’s the simple things we do for one another that scream how much we really love.

Do others experience love when we, on a whim, extend an invite for dinner and serve them? Did the older lady see the love of Christ as we loaded her groceries for her? When holding the hand of a broken friend, weeping over coffee, was love obvious? Shovel their driveway after the snow? Did the lady, whose mom had passed and her dad battled cancer, see Christ’s love as we offered her a respite at our home? How about this one: when a friend royally screws up, do they know our love for them when we offer a kind word with a hug, rather than ripping them a new one like they “deserve”?

After my father in law retired, my mother in law continued to work. Every morning he would have her coffee and oatmeal ready, lunch packed and car warming. While she worked he cleaned the house, laundry, ironed and prepared dinner. His love for her has been so huge he simply can’t do enough to serve her! What an amazing example of love in action. At 80 years, his love has never been more intense for her than it is right now!

My parents owned a grocery store; as a child I vividly remember there being a shortage on certain items (sugar, coffee, canning lids and at one point gasoline). I watched my mom and dad give away these very items. Their behavior made a lasting impact on my life. Without realizing it, they were teaching me to love big and trust God for provision.

The truth is we younger people need to look at the lives of older people, they are the givers. Not perfect but they know how to speak love without opening their mouths.

This type of behavior, “love in action”, wasn’t Oprah’s idea, it originated with God our Father who loved us so much that He gave His very best sacrificial Lamb (John 3:16) so that we could enter into a one on one relationship with Him. He is our primary example of putting it all on the line.

Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18 (NIV)

Challenge for today: love hard, go the extra mile and use words if necessary.

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