Weeds & Seeds...

“Other seed fell in the weeds; the weeds grew with it and strangled it.” Luke 8:7 (MSG)

Weeds kill seeds!

Spring and Summer seasons yield new plant(s) in my flower garden. Zinna’s are my favorites; the colorful blooms are breathtaking. Many of the plants are fragrant while some invite yellow finches over for a feast. The source of the new plants? The birds. So I'm giving a big shout out to the birds for the countless tomato plants scattered through the garden this summer. If I hadn't known these were tomato plants I would have missed the opportunity to indulge in the delicious fruit from their vine.

Along with all of the lovelies found in my garden, we also have numerous uncontrollable weeds that are workin’ my last nerve. If frequent care isn’t given, my flower garden can quickly be reduced to the garden of weeds, choking out the beauty of my garden. “I’m going to cut some fresh weeds”, said no one ever. ugh!

Weeds, in Luke’s passage, represent the daily distractions that choke out the seed of God’s Word implanted in our hearts. Weeds sneak up on us and choke out truth and before we know it, truth is quietly and subtly destroyed.

Busyness is the one weed that I loathe. I’m thinking about campaigning against the use of the word “busy” in my life. It’s been abused and has become our excuse to get out of commitments, perhaps responsibility as well. Callin’ it like I see it since I deal with it too!

Busyness does not mean productivity!

I repeat, busyness does not mean productivity! Still I find myself saying it all the time. Recently I was mad (I’m cool now) with some friends because busyness has consumed their schedules to the point they have no time for “me”. Whaaaaaa! Until the Lord convicted me that I am no different; I’m not available for God appointments because my google calendar rules my life. I’m sorry friends, I really am.

Distractions, obstacles and hinderance come in various shapes and sizes. It comes from countless directions but at the end of the day the question remains: will we allow distractions to define who we are becoming?

Goal: stop allowing the distraction of busyness to choke out God appointments.

Uproot those weeds and allow the seeds to become rooted, established and thriving, friends!

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