In His Presence

Morning is breaking on the ridge; my mind is meditating on a passage as my feet gently tap the pavement.

“You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.”

Psalm 16:11 NASB

“What does that mean to you?”, “Why do you keep returning to this particular verse?” I sensed the Spirit inquiring of me. “In Your presence is fullness of joy” is the particular phrase continuing to echo in the depths of my heart.

We have to start at the first verse in order to grasp the magnitude of verse eleven.

  • David had committed his life to God when he was a shepherd boy on the back side of no where; therefore, he had a solid confidence in God. He trusted God for protection.

  • He boldly declared, “You are my Lord”. Here, the name “Lord” is Hebrew “Adonai” which translates as master or owner. I imagine David bowing before His Lord in wholehearted humility and submission, stating, “You are my Master, You are my Owner”. David knew that his source of strength, help and hope came from his Master.

  • Idolatry repulsed David to the point he wouldn’t give respect to or even speak the names of those worshipping gods. He wanted nothing to do with man made objects of worship.

  • He knew the character of his God from spending time with Him. David was a wealthy man, not necessarily due to any possession but his portion and inheritance was the very presence of God. Therefore, if David were the poorest man in the land, he still would have had magnificent wealth: God’s presence.

  • Maybe David suffered with insomnia since he writes about the night-season? Yet we find him blessing the LORD for giving him guidance and direction, in the night. It seems when the sun goes down the enemy tries to sneak in and consume our minds. Is it possible that Davids remedy for that was to bless the Lord? Remaining focused on the LORD and not becoming influenced by his situation, made his heart rejoice - perhaps he was relieved that in the wee hours of the night he didn’t have to fear, he rested in the Hope of God.

After evaluating the first ten verses of Psalm 16 for the last several days, I can honestly declare that the fullness of joy is found in the intimate relationship with Jesus! Difficult situations continue to arise every single day. Real life challenges will remain BUT in the middle of the madness we can still practice the fullness of joy.

Fullness: filled to capacity, with joy, in Jesus Christ.

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