Get Out! (side)

I love being outdoors diggin’ in the dirt. It’s no secret that sitting behind the desk is a fun sucker; its similar to getting a root canal. On sunny days I can barely focus on desk duties because I have checked out, don't tell my boss...

I could spend hours out there pondering life and watching the wind toss the leaves and kick up the dust.

A few days ago the dog took me for a walk on a trial near one of the largest Christmas tree farms in NC. Pure adrenaline surged through my veins as the dog dragged me down the trail while chilly air nipped my face. It’s quite possible that I experienced adrenaline or freedom because I’d actually shut down the constant distraction by leaving my phone at home. It was one of the most amazing Autumn days e.v.e.r

What does this have to do with anything? Nothing but everything.

Here’s the thing: you should let yourself go out the door without an agenda (challenging, I know), stand in the sunshine, smell the scent of the dried leaves falling to the ground, ok sometimes that stinks. Enjoy the simplicity of this brief moment, clear your noggin and center on the One granting you the experience.

Sometimes we overlook the most important details of our lives beginning with the beginning. Do you realize that on the fourth day of creation, God separated the day from night and made them as a signal for the season, days and years? (Genesis 1:14) It's never ever a coincidence that living green leaves become vibrant colors then dry and fall to the ground. This happens to be God’s perfectly orchestrated plan.

Therefore, don’t assume that it’s just Fall y’all, it’s not just that time of year when yard clean up can be a total nuisance. Stop seeing the glass half empty and see it half full. Relish the fact that God created this day for you and you for this day.

Now get outside, rake up a pile of leaves, dive in face first like you did as a kid and pray to God there isn’t a pile of dog poop in ‘em. LOL

#creation #autumn #jesus

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