Dear Pastors Wife~

“It takes the best Christian in the church to be a pastor's wife and pull it off. And that's the problem: In most cases, she's pretty much the same kind of Christian as everyone else. When the enemy attacks, she bleeds” (Dr. Joe McKeever)

Recent conversations with ministry girlfriends led to a discovery that we aren’t so different; we are dealing with pretty much the same issues.

If our small group battles feelings of inadequacy, how many other ministry wives struggle with the same emotions? Does she have a go to group to dump on?

Ministry wives can you relate to the “stuff” on our platter?

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt so ill-prepared for anything but the call to ministry has left me clueless”

“Inadequate doesn’t begin to describe how I felt in the early days of ministry and I’m still challenged by it occasionally”

“I’m a young pastors wife, I feel completely exhausted on any given day as I try to balance a job, home, kids, sports and serve in our church ministry. Most days I feel guilty”

“I’ve often heard, ‘it’s lonely at the top’, I can confirm that’s true”

“I have no friends”, “Who can I trust”, “Words hurt”

Truth is - we ARE inadequate. In our own ability, we are not capable of contributing to this incredible calling. Let's look at 2 Corinthians 3:5 says, "Not that we are adequate to think anything of ourselves, but our adequacy is of God"

Ministry wife friend - your adequacy is from God! Grab onto that truth, get freedom from the guilt and condemnation of trying to measure up to a standard that's impossible to attain. Culture says we have to be it all and do it all; show me that in the Word.

The ministry you are called too is quite possibly one of THE greatest gifts you can give back to your church family - ministry to your husband. No doubt about it!

Ministry wife: do you need a go to group? Live in my area? email me and lets make margin for life changing, challenging time with sisters.

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