it's NOT just turkey day!

Today (Wednesday 11/26) our kitchen will become the test kitchen for tomorrow’s throw-down! My daughter and I will be baking juicy apple pies, honey oat bread and apple bread dripping with sugary homemade goodness and a ton of laughter. Our plan is to trash the kitchen and recruit the guys to be the clean up committee - not gonna happen.

This time of the year is absolutely the best. Friends and family will gather, setting aside the day for food, fun (hopefully) and football. My goal is to pace myself with the food but more importantly celebrate with huge gratitude the many blessings over this past year.

It’s not just turkey day! Thanksgiving should be a day of recalling the favor of God in our lives. Maybe there were tough places in our lives but we must honor the Lord for being on this journey with us. Instead of seeing the losses in our lives, let us begin to focus on the blessings. Rejoicing brings gratitude!

Prepare yourself today for tomorrow’s festivities. Set the table with purpose:

  • pray over every place setting

  • pray for your family and friends who’ll join you tomorrow

  • take the liberty to reflect and verbalize blessings

  • laugh if you burn the turkey! laugh a lot, why not?

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family near and far. You are loved! Many blessings to you.

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