Psalm 150:6 “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord”

Praise Him, well because we can.

Sitting in a doctor’s office doing what we do: wait, wait, wait. I quickly realized the news blasting on TV was exhausting my brain and dragging me down spiritually. Over and over again the same sad information (not discounting the sadness, it's very real) continued blasting the airwaves; nothing positive, nothing encouraging. I observed the lack of joy and happiness as people moved through the office, not at a high rate of speed, drinking coffee and having full on conversations with themselves (no kidding). Everybody in their own little world, no smiling at the stranger sitting beside them nope, nothing.

What happened mid morning blew my mind - a baby entered the room! One happy little girl, no hair, not a tooth in her head and smiling from ear to ear. I saw old men smiling back, waving and not a tooth in their head either! Old ladies talking baby talk and going goo goo over sweet "Reese". There was definitely a shift in the atmosphere. What happened? When pure joy came into the room, hearts melted! Y’all it was beautiful so I cried a little.

Remember happy is an emotion in which one experiences feelings. Joy is an inward peace and contentment, a sudden burst of happiness. Believers find that joy comes from the inner chambers of our hearts as we've spent time in His presence. Praise!

Praise produces joy which brings great delight to the soul. When our soul is filled with the joy of JESUS our lifestyle and facial expression show it. Deep joy is obtained when we stop letting the sadness of the news dictate our emotions; when our focus is on JESUS.

Praise is a choice. Get to praising!

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord”

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