Dear Minister's Wife ~ Prepare for 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year y’all!

I love the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not because we shop till we drop, I dislike shopping - no kidding.

Not because my college kids will be home and the place will become a revolving door of students, laughter and parties galore!

I seriously love that we are more conscience of Jesus and one another at Christmas.

This is the time I look forward to reflecting on the previous year and setting new goals for the new one.

In the silence of the morning when the world is still asleep I lean in close as the Lord whispers specific passages to my heart; Words that will carry me through places I’ll get to embrace in the coming 365 days.

Why would we take valuable time out of our “busy” schedule to prepare for the new year? The better question is why wouldn’t we? We plan for special occasions in our lives: weddings, Christmas, birthdays, teaching, running and so forth. Let’s become pro-active for the unpredictable moments in our future.

1-Journal: a year in review!

  • Make a point to journal about the hard places but focus on the outcome (praise report).

  • Write about those simple daily blessings, we have a tendency to forget about those but when we reflect we’ll be reminded and encouraged.

2-Ask Him about the goals for the upcoming year. Notice I didn't use the word "resolutions" since I can't keep them.

  • Spiritual goals:

~What can we implement daily that will encourage growth and maturity?

~Intentionally commit to a Bible study with a group. This sounds like a stretch for our chaotic lifestyles but there's nothing more important than your Spiritual growth.

~Memorize Bible passages- y’all this is life changing!

  • Physical goals:

~Don’t be a couch potato! It's ok to make healthy changes but be realistic.

~Physical strength helps get us through the crappy places in our spiritual journey. Call me crazy (we’ve established that) but running has become my way of finding solitude, celebrating a win or unloading stress in the battle. I not only run but I crankin out some P&W while I'm out there - Praise and Worship.

  • Personal goals:

~This is where it gets a little tricky, we tend to be too hard on ourselves or too passive. Balance is key.

~Make every single day count!

~Look at the glass half full. Look for the positive.

~Take a day off from social media every week. (challenging, I know but you can do it).

~Face at least one of your fears.

3-Dream! Dreaming seems to be reserved for children. Who said we adults can’t dream? God given dreams are to be carefully thought through and planned.

Write out some of those over the top dreams that you’ve stuffed down. Remember His timing is not our timing so we must trust Him.

I’ve nurtured a particular dream in my heart for a long time but in the last two years it continues to surface frequently. I'm more aware of it now than when He put it on my heart 20 years ago. It's time to launch into the land of completely trusting Him with everything. From financial provision to filling the schedule with opportunities to speak and teach His Word. I am at a crossroad, will I surrender to the dream He placed on my heart or will I run for shelter?

Get your notebook out and let the fun begin! A whole new year, a blank slate. Will you allow Him to make a shift in areas of your life or will 2015 look no different than the year before. I love change.

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