Dear Friends! We Should Celebrate...

As ministry wives and women in ministry we often prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We may focus on the negatives of being in ministry, fish bowl living or getting the raw end of the deal. I won’t discount the reality and pain of ministry life. However I have a question.

“What if we focus on the victories of the called life?”

I was rounding the track for the ump-teenth time and my mind wanted to replay the stupid stuff happening, bad attitudes and church bullies; by the grace of God I willed my mind to consider celebrating instead.

Here ya go, in no particular order, a few of my celebrations ~

  1. It's a true privilege to be placed in a leadership position, investing in people and getting through life together.

  2. Several invested in our kids from day one. I could go on for hours about the difference you’ve made in our family. You, precious servants (some are with Jesus now) committed your time to serve. We couldn’t have raised our two without your guidance and prayer. THANK YOU!

  3. Taking a journey with the broken and hurt, finding restoration is THE goal. To Him be all glory.

  4. When people are teachable! PrAiSe! Watching spiritual babies become spiritual parents.

  5. For every discouragement, ten encouragers are sent. Only God could organize that y’all.

  6. Praise for the unpleasant days! Our greatest time of spiritual growth has been in the awful seasons; while I don’t enjoy it hittin’ the fan we know it’ll happen so lets open up a can of celebration when it does. Thanks be to God we. have. overcome.

  7. I’m in the wrecking business, the tearer down of self inflicted walls! My nature is to stay behind walls of protection - you know, the walls we’ve erected that state, “don’t mess with me or I’ll throat punch you”. Yeh these walls aren’t inviting so I get to kick them down. Jesus is our place refuge, not the “walls”.

  8. Forgiveness! Not only do we get to teach forgiveness, we take it to a new level and PRACTICE it daily. Freedom!

  9. Being at the same church for 23 years we’ve celebrated marriages, births and homegoings with people who’ve become our family.

  10. Loneliness is an epidemic in ministry. A. W. Tozer once said,

“Most of the world’s great souls have been lonely.”

It is what it is but let’s change our perspective on it:

Solitude brings refreshment, peace, and meaning. Even when we are in the wilderness, we are still in His presence, His peace is evident when everything else is broken to pieces and He makes sense of the small details when our mind is fried.

There’s that.

Let's Celebrate January 15!

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