Confessions of a Pastor's Wife ~ I love to Party...

“ with a cheerful heart has a continual feast” (party) Proverbs 15:15b NET

There, I said it. I love to party! Before your mind becomes a runaway freight train, let me explain.

The type of party I’m referring to is a social gather of friends mingling and celebrating life together with food, laughter, music and did I mention food? The highlight of the party is our guest of honor, the one we are celebrating. Sometimes it’s a milestone birthday or a person’s life event, regardless of the occasion one thing’s for certain: our party revolves around joy! (drama free zone).

The other night we invited our 80 some year old neighbors over because we want to know them more than the usual “wave at your neighbor” thing we do. They can’t hear well at all so the evening went like this: apple pie and ice cream with a side of yelling and laughter. What we discovered about them is they’ve been married 67 years (holy God), he’s not as deaf as his wife thinks, he has selective hearing…

Here’s a challenge for the next week: Invite some people over for a celebration! It doesn’t have to be an elaborate dinner party with everything spotless and perfect. It isn’t about where you live or the food you serve, heck I’ve served soup and if I’m feelin’ generous you might get a pb&j thrown at you. It’s about building community. You know, the almost non-existent thing called friendship / relationships? yeh that!

Life is busy for everyone but I believe it’s time we get back to the simplicity of living!

Start a party atmosphere and watch how many wants to join in because we're all looking to build community, find laughter and enjoy meaningful relationships!

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