Confessions of a Pastors Wife~ distracted?

After working in the great outdoors, we rushed inside for a bite of dinner before heading out again. As we sat down my husband began asking, "who stepped in it?" Since there were only two people at the table it wasn't difficult to find the stinker. (get it?)

Stepping in... can be a distraction especially when you're on a mission to get somewhere. Seriously though with a 90 lb dog there's plenty of it to step in.

It's no different with our spiritual lives, if we fail to keep our eyes in the direction we desire to go, we'll begin focusing on the mess and we won't reach the intended goal.

What "mess" is keeping you from your goal?

Ask yourself, "Why haven't I reached my goal already?" What are the barriers, obstacles, and road blocks in my way? Financial problem? Relationship problems? or personal problems could be holding you back. For some people, it's an emotional barrier. I'm guilty of sabotaging my own success because I think I'm not worthy of it. Whatever the barrier is, we need to identify it before we can move forward.

Read Genesis 24, Eliezer had multiple obstacles, in fulfilling his goal, of finding a wife for Isaac. He had to go to a country he'd never been before, find the woman he'd never met. It gets better, he then had to convince her parents to let her go with a complete stranger to a country she'd never been and marry a man she'd never even met! Wait! What?

Nothing. is. impossible.

Here's your assignment:

Read Genesis 24

Write down your goals and then I want you to list the barriers.

Why am I having you do this? Because you can't remove an obstacle until you first identify what it is.

(Next week "Barrier Busters")

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