Confessions of a Pastors Wife~ Barrier Busters

Have you identified the barriers that keep you from reaching your God given dreams and goals?

Perhaps if we're honest most of us contend with the barrier called fear, especially the fear of surrendering our dreams and goals to Him. Guilty! I hang on to my own concocted dreams like a toddler clinging to a blankie, drag them around with me, snuggle up and work hard at making them become reality.

His plans are good! At times His plan takes us out of our comfort zone. We may question the plan and want to revert to our own plans because that makes sense to us. It seems we tend to be more comfortable trusting ourselves, our decisions and plans. I call this a "detour." Good news! God doesn't waste the detours, it's part of our journey toward His heart.

"...give me your heart, and let your eyes observe my ways"

Proverbs 23:26 (HSCB)

There is something within us which decides everything and controls everything. It's our will. Our will, which the Bible often refers to as the "heart." Our feelings and desires aren't the barrier to obtaining our goals, it's our will. God desires that we surrender our will. When God says, "...give me your heart" He's asking us to surrender our will to Him. He isn't asking for our feelings or our wishes.

He wants our will.

Barrier busters is simply recognizing the plan of God and lining up with it even if it's contrary to our plans. We must recognize the barriers that keep holding us back and bust through surrendering to Gods will in all things at all times. This allows God to work out His perfect plan in our life.

It isn't until I relinquish my dreams to God that I realize He's has an amazing plan. I have to choose to surrender everything I'm holding in my clenched fist.

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