Confessions of a Pastors Wife~

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts...

Stress is a real part of our lives but how do we handle it? How do we make the most of a stress filled moment without allowing it to control our behavior?

We must stop and focus on Who our God is.

So who is your God?

FAITHFUL - He will cover you with His feathers; you will take refuge under His wings. His faithfulness will be a protective shield (Psalm 91:4 HCSB)

CONSTANT - I am the LORD, and I do not change (Malachi 3:6a)

COMPANION - how is it possible that He would choose something so weak, broken and imperfect as the object of His pleasure? Yet He rejoices over us as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride. (Isaiah 62:5)

SOVEREIGN - He is over everyone and everything yet we never see Him stressed out over the details of our lives.

TRUSTWORTHY - His character and integrity are like none other.

He reveals Himself throughout His Word and He does not shift as the sands of the ocean or the winds that blow!

He. can. be. trusted.

Based on a few reminders of our God, let's be intentional about using stress as an opportunity to know Him more. Focus on Him not the circumstance.

BTW-He gives grace! His grace is greater than our mistakes and screw ups. He is forever drawing our hearts back to Him because He longs to be in a relationship with YOU.

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