Confessions of a Pastors Wife~

She sat in the same seat she finds herself in every Sunday morning. Holding her breath because she knew she'd be reduced to a puddle of tears if she exhaled. Her shoulders tense as she worked hard to prevent a break down; her emotions were raw.

Feelings of loneliness continued creeping in she asked herself, "How is it possible to be in a room full of familiar people yet feel so alone?”

It wasn’t often she found herself in such extreme fragility but remembering her place of refuge was at the foot of the cross she exhaled.

She had to be intentional about reaching down into the depths of her heart, relying on what she knows to be truth: her God is *THE God of all comfort, who always comforts her in brokenness. She dared not listen to her feelings, they were telling her everything contrary to the Truth that had comforted her over the years.

Service ended and small group conversations continued. She left as she'd arrived with a smile pasted on her face. No. one. noticed. Others might have viewed her as strong but her reality was quite the opposite.

But really? I am that woman...

Women in ministry are no different than other women. The daily struggles are real and intense. However I do not write for your pity, sympathy or to guilt you into a superficial friendship. I'm writing on behalf of my sister-girls who can't put it into words let alone blog about it. You should know if we seem broken, distant and shut down - WE ARE! Pray for us, don't be critical.


Even when we're hurt, it is by the grace of God, we will unload the baggage and we will get back up again. God didn't call us to carry the weight of ministry or quit when things get tough! He called us to a journey and we will thrive! We will celebrate once we've emerged from the dark place into the Light. We will rejoice and pray you through your personal journey. We're wired love hard, remain passionate about our calling and invest in His Bride, you.

*(2 Corinthians 1:2-3)

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