Confessions of a Pastors Wife~ Thanksgiving! no phone zone

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

The sun rises over the lake, the dog's curled up on the corner of the sofa, soft light fills the room and I snuggle a little closer with the blanket. The drafty old house is revealing its age but I don't mind the chill; in a few hours this place will be filled to capacity with the warmth of friends and family. We will give thanks for the many ways He has blessed us.

I want time to slow down. If we rush through the day with an agenda then it will be no different than any other day. Let's savor every little moment with those around us. Words like transition, change, new chapter have filled my life the last few years and I'm not sure I'm ok with it. So I will exhale and relish in the laughter, love and food.

Friends, be present, let's be there today. Put aside indifference and be involved. Hey lets go a step further and leave the smartphones away from the table, check them at the door! Let our celebration be a no phone zone...

In the midst of food prep, eating and football make it a wonderful day and give Him thanks, He's worthy.

Party on!

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