Confessions of a Pastors Wife~ 21!

It's with a heart full of emotions & happy tears I dedicate today's blog to our daughter!

You'll find us road trippin to Liberty University to celebrate the day of birth of the most amazing blonde haired, blue eyed, sassy, bold and brave woman!

I recall her first cry in the OR as though it

happened yesterday! Getting to bundle up my china doll and call her ours still floods my heart with deep gratitude. This would be the first time we'd have pink girly stuff mixed in with all the little boy toys, trucks and bugs!

Truly, you are a gift from the Lord! Psalm 139, indeed His works are marvelous.

We are honored to be your parents, to pray for and encourage you in this journey called "life". You've taught us many lessons over the last 21 years and we look forward to many, many more.

Let's reminisce:

"Two nail polishes" you wanted for Christmas at age 2 quickly became 200 bottles when our church family found out what you wanted.

Barbie dolls and target practice with the BB gun...

That day you asked Jesus to become your Lord!!!

When you decided being a PK is too hard so you quit. ((big hug)) I cried too.

Sunday afternoon naps; your endless love for our old boxer Boaz, may he RIP. Cheezits, tennis - hours and hours of tennis (I still don't know how to keep score) and Pink blankie...

Harsh words, tears, laughter and mom - daughter coffee dates.

Unexpected & welcome facetime conversations about Jesus during your freshman year of college, prayer time on your way to class and "fun facts" from Bio! Loved it & cherish it ALL.

Throughtout challenges, transitions, ups & downs, you can be confident of this one thing,

Hartlea Hope Love, God is always faithful!!

"But I trust in your unfailing love.

I will rejoice because you have rescued me.

I will sing to the lord

because he is good to me"

(Ps 13:5-6 NLT)

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