Confessions of a Pastors Wife~Unbelief!

There are days when faith clashes with unbelief!

"Well, the pastors wife should have this faith "thing" figured out, right?" Or maybe she should just stay quiet and stop blogging about it... #wrong.

I'm all about keeping it real! Here we go~

Saying we believe in Jesus is one thing but exercising faith in the challenges of life is quite another.

*Faith discerns more in one promise of God to help than in anything that hinders.

Unbelief focuses more one thing that hinder than on the promise of God.

Faith sees love in the heart of Christ when He speaks to correct us.

Unbelief sees anger in God’s heart when He's saying that He loves us.

Faith comforts in the midst of fear.

Unbelief brings fear in the midst of comfort.

Faith helps the soul to wait when God delays giving.

Unbelief gets annoyed if God says "wait".

Faith makes great burdens light.

Unbelief makes light burdens heavy.

Faith encourages us when we are discouraged.

Unbelief throws us down when we've found courage.

Faith brings us near to God when we are far from Him.

Unbelief draws us away from God when we are near to Him.

Faith purifies the heart.

Unbelief keeps the heart impure.

Faith finds the ways of God pleasant and admirable.

Unbelief makes them heavy and hard. “Lord, I believe. Help me overcome my unbelief, (Mark 9:24).

We overcome unbelief by knowing the character of our God through His Word. Find faith and courage from Hebrews chapters 10-11.

*taken from:

John Bunyan, Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ.

These are rephrased contrasts between faith and unbelief I’ve found helpful in expressing my personal battle.

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