Confessions of a Pastors Wife~Insomnia

Insomnia has robbed my sleep for fifteen years, the lack of it has wrecked my life. Every decision I make is second guessed because my mental clarity is foggy. Most often I'm sleep deprived because my mind is a runaway freight train. Can you relate?

Sleepless nights provide opportunity to keep up with studies, blogging and laundry. I also have a front row seat as the rising sun swallows up darkness in the silence of the morning. However, the most important discovery has brought great comfort to the wee hours of my morning: prayer.

Prayer has held my hand through transitions, sustained me in uncertain times and without a doubt brought me through dark places; it's simply conversation with God. I realize we believers (myself included) treat prayer as a last resort but we must condition ourselves to make prayer our first priority.

Prayer results in an intimate relationship with Jesus. True intimacy with God does not resemble a romantic relationship. It's goes much deeper than emotions, plunging into the core of our being and is reflected by our actions. True intimacy with God begins with drawing near to Him through prayer.

Challenge for the day:

  • Make "prayer without ceasing" a priority.

  • Tell Jesus and no one else. Stop exhausting yourself talking to others and leave it with Him.

  • Stay focused on Jesus.

If we can trust Him with our eternity, we can trust Him with the concerns of the day. Pray!

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