Help me Jesus!

Early morning hours, can't sleep, writing deadlines to be met, dirty laundry needs attention ... all this craziness going through my mind I might as well get up.

Stepping out into darkness the 100+ year old floors announce my insomnia issues. Sometimes this old house can be noisy. Tiptoeing around hoping not to disturb guests, I didn't see the dog on my way to the kitchen. I can not confirm or deny that there were a couple cartwheels involved before I landed it. Do I need to elaborate? (the dog's ok, btw)

Gathering my coffee, pain meds and computer I heard it. You know that noise indicating a mouse in the house; droppings confirm the nightmare. It happens every Spring and Fall without fail: GrOsS! Who has time for this? Furniture market tenants arrive in a few days so elimination plan 101 is quickly established and family members are on high alert = get broom ready for annihilation of invader. Don't judge!

Somehow that nasty critter found a way to infiltrate our home in a quiet sneaky manner.


that's exactly how the enemy slips in to our lives, subtly and sneaky! Do not, I repeat, do not ignore his intrusion or just like the pesky mice he'll move in, take over space and clutter your mind with droppings.

We know our enemy's purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. (John 10:10) Just as we're ready to eradicate rodents we must also arm ourselves with the Word of God (Ephesians 4:17) stopping the enemy in his tracks.

Heed the warning, friends.

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