Ps 103~ Made for this!

"Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name"

Psalms 103 has been considered the “Mt. Everest” of praise psalms. It has also been described as pure and true worship. There is no petition made for rescue, David's focus is on blessing the Lord. We call this worship.

We can sense the Psalmist about to explode with praise from the depths of his soul. It's as though His entire being is bringing forth praise and proclaiming honor to our God. He is declaring, “Let my heart, my will, my affections and my emotions become united and worship You”.

Friend, our soul was "made" to praise and bless God, to enjoy his friendship and delight in His favor. YOU were created for this!

Throughout this day when things don't go as planned, refrain from complaining, reach down into the depths of your soul and replace it with gratitude. Bless Him with every ounce of your being! Until you too have become unified spiritually, physically and emotionally. Praise Him as your heart overflows with gratefulness for who He is.

That’s true worship!

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