Psalm 103:2 don't forget to remember

Psalms 103: 2 (NIV)

Praise the Lord, my soul,

and forget not all his benefits—

Bless = salute, praise, kneel down.

David calls us to worship and reflect on God's mercies, "all His benefits" - can't you hear him? “Self, don’t you dare forget the countless reasons for blessing the Lord”. <Insert your name>

Without reminding ourselves of the goodness God we’ll soon forget. We're scattered, absent minded and overcommitted creatures, we easily fail to remember His blessings especially when real life situations knock us for a loop. David encourages us to recall the faithfulness of God IN the chaos. The Bible is filled with instruction to “remember” and to “think on these things”.

Today’s goal is to refresh our minds and recall the kindness of our God.

“forget not all his benefits”

Join me over the next weeks as we look five outrageous “benefits” expressed with the following verbs:

forgiveness, healing, redemption, crown and satisfy.

Reflect upon His promises and bless Him!

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