Confessions of a Pastors Wife~ Are You Living?

Your life is like the morning fog—it’s here a little while, then it’s gone.

(James 4:14b NLT)

I stood in the sterile room awaiting the passing of a precious pet from this life. The thunderous pounding of my heart and the unfavorable odor left me with the intense need to barf. As a pure surge of emotions flowed, I slipped out of the room while my brave daughter stepped up to the plate. Simple, gentle, calm and quiet. Goodnight Pete, your memories live on...

In that moment the Words of James awakened truth in my sad heart.

life truly is like the morning fog. Here it is and there it goes. Perhaps the reminder was more of a challenge for us to examine our living, while living.


One day my parents were non-pet owners until "Pete" rolled up to their door and barked his way right into their hearts and home. He took up residence on their chair and took ownership of my parents hearts. I lie not, Pete once roamed the neighborhood looking for his next meal; surveying families and with great intentionality chose his family well. He lived out his final years like a king. He took my parents on a journey that involved affection and patience. Twice daily mom risked getting bit giving him the necessary insulin shots. This went on until he could no longer fight off diabetes. Pete's final resting place is in the quiet trees covered by shade and a handmade plaque that simply reads "Pete".

He lived, loved.

I need to resolve a question or two:

1- Am I living with purpose? not mine but His purpose for me?

2- Am I adding value when I walk into someones life?

3- Do I give enough mercy, grace, compassion and forgiveness?

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